The Order of Confession


This book is an exact translation of the Pre-Niconian Confession service of the Russian Orthodox Church. It was translated by Abbot German Ciuba from the fourth printing in Moscow in 1906 of the 1642 edition of the "Potrebnik" which occurred during the Patriarchate of Patriarchate Joseph.  It contains 92 pages in spiral bound form with a clear cover. 

The Colophon states: The printing of this holy book, entitled the Sacred Potrebnik (Потребник), being the 4th printing, was begun at the Holy Trinity-Entrance of the Mother of God Church in the great and royal city of Moscow on the printing press of the Edinovertsi in the year from the creation of the world 7414, being the year 1906, the 4th Indiction, from the Nativity in the Flesh of God the Word, on the 4th day of March, on which day is commemorated our Venerable Father Gerasimus of the Jordan. The printing was completed during the same year, on the 6th of May, on which day are commemorated the Holy Righteous Job and St. Barbarus, the former outlaw. This printing is a reprint of the same book, the Potrebnik, printed in the same royal city of Moscow in the 29th year of the reign of Michael Feodorovich, in the year 7150 (1642) on the 15th day of January, on the day of the memory of the Holy Martyrs Hermylus and Stratonicus.