The Great Collection of the Lives of the Saints


Compiled By
St. Demetrius, Bishop of Rostov

First English Edition
Translated by Fr. Thomas Marretta

Blessed is he who is able to read the Life of the saint whom the Church commemorates: such a man in some measures lives on earth the festive life celebrated by the inhabitants of heaven. 
        -from the introduction to the Great Collection 

These are the beginning of a series of twelve volumes of the renowned Russian collection of the Lives of the saints compiled by Saint Demetrius of Rostov in the late 1600's. The launching of this new series by Chrysostym Press marks the first time that any of the great Orthodox collections of saints' lives have been published complete and unabridged in the English language, or in any modern Western language.

This series is presented in the traditional format of these great Orthodox collections, including:

  • Twelve large volumes, one for each month of the Church year, beginning with September.
  • Full length, unabridged lives, not a brief synopsis, of the saint or saints celebrated on each day of the month. There are about 55 full length lives included for each month.
  • Homilies on the major feastdays of each month.
  • An alphabetical Index of Saints and feasts at the end of each volume.

Each volume forms an integral part of the Liturgical calendar and the yearly cycle of worship of the Orthodox Church. The Great Collection is a must for every Christian, both as a rich source of daily spiritual reading and as a standard reference work of Saints.

Volume 1: September, 499 pages, 1994, $40 Hardcover, $28 Paperback
Volume 2: October, 460 pages, 1995, $40 Hardcover, $28 Paperback
Volume 3: November, 688 pages, 1997, $40 Hardcover, $28 Paperback
Volume 4: December, 616 pages, 2000, $40 Hardcover, $28 Paperback
Volume 5: January, 533 pages, 2002, $40 Hardcover, $28 Paperback
Volume 6: February, 321 pages, 2003, $40 Hardcover, $28 Paperback
Volume 7: March, 483 pages, $40 Hardcover. Paperback is out of print.
Volume 8: April, 384 pages, $40 Hardcover